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HēL has implemented different holistic modalities to help treat addiction and lead to a better quality of life.
Intensive Outpatient Program


At HēL, all clients are provided at least 9 hours of group support onsite at our facility and are also assigned an individual counselor to support their recovery process from substance use. Clients meet with counselors weekly to biweekly for individual sessions.

OMHC: Individual and Family Therapy


Commonly known as psychotherapy, talk therapy, or counseling, HēL Recovery Center partners with BTST Services’ Outpatient Mental Health Clinic where the concept of “meeting you where you are”, incorporates the offsite model to provide individual and family therapy in the location of a clients choice.

Medication Management


Our partnership with BTST includes a Medical Director and psychiatrists who are leaders in the field and are board-certified to treat both children and adults for medication needs.  HēL Recovery clients in need of medication management will be referred to BTST and/or another location for treatment.  BTST psychiatrists are culturally competent and work diligently to not only prescribe medications but to also take the time to provide psycho-education.

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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program


HēL Recovery partners with BTST Services to provide Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP), commonly referred to as therapeutic mentoring.  The program works with clients between the ages of 5 to 64 diagnosed with mental health disorders and are actively working with a therapist, but could benefit from additional specialized support.

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